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Ok where was I.... ;D  Was just looking at the title and realized I bought this thing over 3 years ago!   Got it from Willie_B I do believe.  I drove the piss out of it till I moved away from Tulsa a couple years back.  Had started doing some things like painted the roof and fixed gutter rust, collected a bunch of panels for it, but life got in the way.  Can't tell you guys how much I can't wait to haul it back to the east coast to really do something with it finally.  Has a 1275cc engine with some long gears that hauled butt.  My original plan was to paint it old english white, or maybe even that new pepper white, have the black roof, 10x6 wheels of some sort, and some red interior.  Has 8.4 disc but will convert down to fit 10's, and still need to buy some floor pans and door skins.  Here's a couple old pics I found in an email from when I purchased it. 


That was a fun truck. As you said, it runs alot better than it looks. Would cruise at 70-75 without problem.

That was half the fun of driving the thing....since I had all sorts of overspray from the roof, combined with existing rust and bondo cracking off.  Looked horrible, but drove like a raped ape.  I took it to the hardware store a few time to haul lumber.  Had it so loaded down every time I hit a bump in the road the steering got very "mushy".  Just about did wheelies. 

It had developed some pretty good holes in the floor, and I had some of the carpet pulled out for whatever reason.  Had to drive across town after a snow storm to get somewhere, since my other transportation was a rwd race car that couldn't get up the street in snow.  The hole in the floor let snow come blasting in there at high speed, and I kid you not it looked like one of those liquid xmas balls you shake around and the fake snow inside goes everywhere.  That was me driving down the road.  Not snowing outside, but inside the truck was a blizzard and white out conditions.   

Bahahaha! Good story.....a raped ape.... hahaha!! :D

Still tossing and turning about colors in my head.  I was thinking of maybe doing volcano orange, black roof/maybe stripes on the hood, wood and pickup arches and 12x6 deep dish, or go sportpack arches and 13x7 split rims.  I also have a set of ralley lights for the front of the car I totally forgot about.  What do you guys think would be a killer color combo?


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