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Any of you follow BaT -Bring a Trailer?

Currently this one is for sale now.....

There's also this racecar.....

This Vtec "kit" sold recently - and surprised me how much it brought....

I'm an avid BAT-er... 4.gif

That race car is a LOT of car for the money - man, wish I could afford it, even if just for the motor and the dog box...

I'm surprised how many have been on there....there was an Innocenti that sold last month too...

The first one will be interesting to see what it brings....

Almost worth buying some of them just for the engines, I need an engine.  ;D

Hard to beat an engine from 7 Ent for the time I finished mine I was only a couple thou cheaper than what they sell one of their rebuilt motors with gearbox for.


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