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FS:1963 AH Sprite / MG Midget
« on: September 29, 2021, 07:36:25 AM »
   What a cute little runner!!!

 1963 MG Midget - MK2 /Mk3 Sprite
I honestly picked this car up this summer from the owner that did 80% of the restoration. Paint and interior were completed.  He stalled out / life moved on he moved away. The car needed a new home. Hydrolics work and other general tidying.
      Since I knew the car very well working on it previously,  I thought why not finish it and enjoy it some.
That task is complete.  - all systems restored  / refreshed.  Brakes / Suspension / Electrics complete
   Big Sprite issues are fixed ( rebuilt transmission by Quantum Mechanics , New Clutch ) Whole new hydraulics system replaced
  Suspension refreshed completely.
Great driver car .    The paint is a gem!!  The Yellow is a perfect Eye Catching little ride. Everyone smiles at a cute little Sprite!   
  Technically registered + Vin as a MG Midget  but the Bonnet + grille were not kept in favor of the simpler Sprite Trim.
1100 Engine  +   Ribcase Trans .
New Chrome all over ( powered coated trims like grille and Windshield frame)
  Interior is new' Carpet / Seats / Dash / Trims

FS : Charlotte NC :   $14,500

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Re: FS:1963 AH Sprite / MG Midget
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Wow, that is a beautiful little Spridget, you did a great job making it a car again!    4.gif
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