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SU Fuel Mixture adjustment

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If you are standing in front of the car and turn the mixture screw towards the firewall (ccw) are you making the mixture richer or leaner?

Couldn't you turn it toward the firewall either way you turn it?  If you turn the screw in it leans it, turn it out and it richens it.  So if my brain is functioning properly that would mean clockwise lean, counter clockwise rich. 

Good point...

Let's try again...
Standing in front of the car....  screw is on the left side of the carb.

Using your left hand your thumb is pointing down to your feet... now rotate your hand so your thumb is now up... that is the motion I refer to when I say rotate it towards the fire wall..  Given that motion would that lean or rich my mixture?

That would be counterclockwise and rich.   :) 

Not trying to be a smartalic but CCW & CW work no mater what direction the screw is pointing.  I'm thinking (unless left handed) screw it IN (clockwise) to lean it out or OUT (counterclockwise) to richen it up.


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