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1960 Austin 850 Project

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Having acquired an older mini and researching on the restoration I had considered posting progress for others to follow but was unsure of what place to do that such as a forum Blog or dedicated site. As others have said it could aid in staying motivated and active.  Having followed spartimetoys progress from the first and seeing his and other restoration projects I kinda decided that this forum may be fun to do.  I mention spartimetoys becaused my Austin 850 is an Early 1960 build date of January 20,1960 about one week after sparetimetoys’ Austin was built making them almost twins. Hopefully this will be mutually beneficial.
First photo is how we found it in the weeds.

Glad to see you showed up over here. Looks like you have a bunch of the trim that I lack on mine. What was the factory color?

yeah fortunately lots of the hard to get trim stayed. Trim around arches and sill are missing but are easy replacement.  Originally it was Tartan Red. I found out that Rustoleum Regal Red is almost a dead match. LOL. I'll throw out some more details shortly. 

Painting it tartan red again?  I have codes in DuPont if you end up going that route. 

Awesome, another project on board - welcome!

I need to keep a better eye out for Mini's in the weeds...  4.gif


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