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A couple years ago I got around to putting some negative camber arms and new adjustable tie bars (that I'd purchased around 2001) on my ' after wrecking a new set of tires in about 500 miles I'm going back to my original arms.

Question about the adjustable tie bars - is that 'caster' that they adjust?

I never even thought about it when I put them on - but just now seeing the movement of the suspension arm when I'm lengthening/shortening them has me thinking there's more to it than slapping them on and sending it.

Adjustability without knowledgeability is never good I suppose.


If you're talking about the bars that go from the lower control arm to the front of the subframe, yes those adjust the caster. And no, you can't just bolt them on, they have to be set right.....

Cast and camber changes affect each other, as well as toe in/out.

You have to pretty much set them all together, after you install them you need to get an alignment.

Ol Edd China has a pretty good video in his current shop series on it.....

I like them as it gives me a chance to set my front end up the way I like it for good handling and reasonable tire wear. Factory settings are fine for factory ride heights, but I like to tailor mine to my preferences.

I use -

1/2 degree negative camber

3 degrees caster

1/16" of toe out in front across both wheels.

Thanks Dave!

I think I might just buy some stock ones (the stock ones that were on it were bent).  Long term goal is to get it restored fully back to original, anyway.  The local British shop that I called about the alignment said they can only do toe, and my regular place can't do 10" rims so I'd have to call around which is too much work.   ::)


I think I have a set of stock ones still that Dave gave me. I wouldn't mind having a set of adjustable ones if you want to make a deal.

I am sure the adjustable ones are worth more than the fixed ones (especially since the ones I have were free) so I could kick in some money or whatever perhaps.

If you want to keep the adjustable ones, then I would be glad to just send you the fixed ones I have for shipping cost.

They CAN do 10" rims, they just don't want to....

I did 10" rims on our modern Hunter machines at school all the time, so does the tire shop I take my stuff to now that I'm not up at the school anymore.


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