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SOLD: 1991 Rover Mini Cooper

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I think your Y/N wheel is missing some '*' on the 'No' fields - *If car = Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari, ... move wheel to next 'Yes'.   :D


You got me.  Itís a fancy flow chart.   ;D

It is crazy that you were a proven Seller on BaT and they treat you like that.

I did ask for more details as to why it was declined.  I did reference the black one for comparison.  I'll see if they respond.

Jimini II:
That's unfortunate I cannot understand BaT's thinking on this, shame I think it would have done well there.

It also means more digging to find viable places to run ads to sell it.  I do have it up on Mini Mania now, but I think the prospective market audience there has shrunk over recent years.  I don't consider eBay to be a viable outlet.


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