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SOLD: 1991 Rover Mini Cooper

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Really dangerous traveling with a lot of cash.  Unscrupulous law enforcement officers have been known to seize it as possible “drug money” under false pretenses and without any evidence other than it being a lot of cash.

Jimini II:

--- Quote from: 94touring on October 23, 2021, 05:24:47 PM ---Glad that worked out.

--- End quote ---
Well that was pretty quick and painless, well done Michael.
Have you got your eyes on another one yet?
EDIT: I just seen your other post with the Van.


--- Quote from: MPlayle on October 15, 2021, 10:51:15 AM ---Received an email from BaT today indicating they were not accepting my Mini for listing.  It seems curious as it is in at least as good condition as the black 998 that sold there recently.  Perhaps my requesting a reserve made a difference even though it was a very reasonable reserve?

--- End quote ---

I follow a variety of people on instagram and a couple have complained in the last few months that they have had submission to BaT rejected, one was a highly modified and well presented overland Land Cruiser and trailer, the other was well presented muscle car (I forget which one).  The cynic in me thinks that you need to select the "premium" package to get in.


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