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AFR/Wideband bung position

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I think I know the answer, but figured I would ask.
My LCB header has a bung in the "V" of the outer two pipes which is really close to the exhaust port (circled in red), I believe this was factory for SPI cars. Most of what I've read says it needs to be further away from the exhaust ports probably in the 2 into 1 collector (marked with an X)
So can I run it in the existing hole or do I need to weld in a bung at the "X"?

John Gervais:
I put mine (Maniflow Freeflow) on the left-hand side of where the 'X' is -

I agree, it should be in the collector.....but I do wonder why the factory would put it there? IIRC the SPi was a cast iron manifold, so maybe that had something to do with the location?

Here is a picture from when I converted "Flur" from SPI to Carb.  I circled and labeled the factory O2 sensor.  The factory SPI manifold is cast iron like Dave said and all three "branches" converge where the factory sensor is and a single down-pipe goes from there.

John Gervais:
The biggest problem with mine is that the bung is positioned slightly wrong - I can't get the manifold out because it interferes with the left pot joint, so I've got to pop it out to remove it.  If I'd have moved it up at a slightly higher upward angle, it would have been fine.  Next time...


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