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It happened - zero compression on cylinders 1 & 2

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Anytime I have a head that needs a valve job I just have them shave the head a few thousandths - it's not enough to change the compression ratio much and it makes sure the head is flat and will hold the gasket. I've never had one fail yet....

Do you have ARP head studs? If so, you need some of their special lube  - and be sure to torque them in three rounds, 30, 40 and 50lbs.

John Gervais:
I've got the MiniSpares competition head studs - I think I used engine assembly lube on the threads, but I'd have to check - it's been years since this head's been off and I honestly can't remember.

I wasn't 'planning' on having the valves replaced, based upon conducting periodic compression tests and it's usually 175ish across the board, but of course, if it's got any warp, it'll get done - precisely why I bought extra valves and bits years ago, just to have 'em 'in case'.

You can have them skim it slightly without doing a valve job.....or de-carbon it, clean everything up and lap the valves lightly and put it together again....

John Gervais:
Great idea - I don't know why I didn't consider that; must be tired I guess.   77.gif


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