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As I do not have any experience with mk1's there are things I am not sure how they go.
Start with the tabs for the mustache end trim pieces. Which way do they mount? Screw/bolt or rivet on? Then once on how does the trim piece go on?
The FE body tag was removed before painting, where should it be?
This has the oil pressure and water temp gauges mounted to a metal panel to the front of the speedo. Then a very flimsy center dash binnacle goes over that. Unsure of how the wiring for the dimmer switch and signal switch gets inside there.

On my 60 the FE tag is right above the vin tag.

The mustache clips are supposed to be riveted on I believe (not that a small screw would not work as well) and seems like there are 3 of them on each side? Maybe just 2? Been a long time since I put them back on mine.


It has been a while since I "played" with a MK-I, so I may be mistaken in some of the information below.

Clips/tabs: The flat sits against the body and the opening goes toward the whisker.  I have heard of them mounted to the body by both tiny sheet metal screws and rivets.  The opening is meant to be act as a "spring clip" and the whisker pressed or snapped over them.

FE tag: I seem to recall it usually being spot welded to the inner fender just above the radiator shroud.

Dimmer and signal switch wiring: I seem to recall the bullet ends shown in your picture going down a grommet hole in the parcel/dash shelf to the space underneath the shelf and above the heater (behind the toggle switch and key switch panel).  The other "pig tails" from the dimmer switch and the turn signal & horn connect under the dash.  If RHD, the dimmer is just to the right of the center tunnel.  The "pig tail" from the dimmer runs up the toe board in line with the tunnel and behind the heater to mate with the feeds coming down through the grommet.  If LHD, the dimmer is at the left wheel well and uses a longer "pig tail" that runs up the toe board at the far left and then across under the dash.

On the wiring, when the plastic binnacle is installed there is not a place for the wiring to exit that. It only has a cutout to go over the center in the back area, nothing on the side for wires shown.

Pretty sure the wires go through the center hole in the parcel shelf at the front(of car) of the binnacle. Above the heater in a sedan or wagon.
But this is a moke? so not sure...


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