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2021 Mini Meets Canceled


Announced on Feb 3, Mini Meet West is canceled. Plans are being formulated for MMW '22, to be held in a different location and by a different host organization.

Announced on March 4, Mini Meet East is canceled. Plans for MME '22 are being made by the same host organization, Ohio Mini Owners, with the expectation of holding the event in Dayton Ohio from July 2-4.

Both of these cancellations are the result of ongoing COVID-19 pandemic concerns.


I got my shot today, I can go!   ;D


--- Quote from: MiniDave on March 04, 2021, 05:20:23 PM ---I got my shot today, I can go!   ;D

--- End quote ---

Did you get the newer 'single-dose' vaccine or was it one of the 'two-dose' versions?  If a 'two-dose', was it the second dose?

I'll be querying my primary care doctor soon to see when I may become eligible to try for getting on the list(s).

1st dose of two, Pfizer version. Second one comes in 3 weeks, then after a couple more weeks we should be 95% as safe as we can be.


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