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Looking for good mini restoration companies east of the rockies (Iím in Florida)

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I want to get a 67 mini cooper restored. Not having much luck finding anyone here in Florida.  Does anybody have recommendations for shops that can do all, or part, of the restoration. 

Gary P. in Palm Bay Florida. 

I hear there's a great one in Tulsa!

But I hear he's booked out  a couple years.....

Gary. Joking aside .... contact Restoration Mini in Tulsa.

Also there's a thread on here I think called 79CanadianMini by skmini. His work looks pretty darn good and he's located east of the Rockies. Maybe he could take your project on.

Yeah I'm full for a very long time.  I'll probably need a break after the 3 in here right now get finished.


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