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SC Direct Injection A Series Head


Looks like SC has announced a direct injection A head.
I only see it on the Facebook page for the moment

Interesting - that should be an interesting bit of kit - and pretty spendy. Seems like you'd need electronic control of both spark and injection, plus knock sensor, plus a high pressure fuel pump - all of those I've seen were mechanical - like the one on my 09 MINI.

But that should make for a clean running Mini - wonder what HP they're expecting? It also makes forced induction easier to do.

Interesting to see a small company like this tackling such an advanced engineering challenge......good for them.

Yes, mate it with a five bearing main block and away you go...

Is that necessary? Seems the current one with a couple of small mods to the center main cap and web area is good for a lot of RPM. Race Sprites turn 7500 all race as do race Minis, right?

I still wonder what HP they're expecting.

The HP in my turbo direct injected MINI engine really isn't any better than they were getting with the supercharged predecessors, but fuel mileage was improved considerably.


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