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Draft MEMS 2J Sensor/Connector Info

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As I am getting ready to create a loom for my MicroSquirt project, I needed some info on the connectors for the MEMS 2J.
This is a draft and I need to verify the information.
I don't understand the naming conventions for some of these connectors, like Econoseal J, Econoseal Mark III or Mark II+.
I never embedded a Google sheet before, so I will see how that works.

Here are some vendors for connectors:

UK vendors
Also sells on Ebay

Polevolt won't ship to the US, but I use them for a reference to find items on other sites:

My brother lives in England and he's a car guy (mostly Alfas) and he'll be happy to ship over anything you need from a UK only vendor. Just let me know what you need and we'll work out the details.

That would be great as PoleVolt seems to have everything. I am finding most of what I need, but the US vendors seem to think shipping is an extra fee they get to add. Two small plugs at $15 for shipping, double the cost of the plugs. Even Summit ships most small stuff for $10.
I had almost everything I needed ten years ago, but the pins got separated from the plug bodies and no way to match them up.

I sent my brother a note, just get me a list of what you need.


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