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2020 Texas Hill Country Gathering - Rescheduling?

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Starting a new thread for this.

What are folks thoughts on beginning to set about rescheduling the Texas Hill Country Drive?

Fall 2020?  Say mid-to-late October-ish?

Spring 2021?  Late March or late April?  (I would like to try to avoid the same April dates as the NC event Dave posted and give a it of time between the events as well.)

Fall is nice....our anniversary is Oct 22 tho

Renamed the thread.

An offline discussion with Bruce made me remember this thread and I thought I would toss it back out for consideration.

Do we want to revive this for October given all things considered (lingering pandemic related considerations)?

Possible dates: Oct 12-16 or Oct 26-30?

Provided I'm not working I'd make some time.

How far in advance do you get your schedule?


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