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MINI DIY Supercharged w/Holley Sniper EFI

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Another variant for EFI:

Wonder if there would be any advantage to using that instead of or in place of an SPi unit?



--- Quote from: MiniDave on April 24, 2020, 12:45:16 PM ---Wonder if there would be any advantage to using that instead of or in place of an SPi unit?

--- End quote ---

One likely advantage would be availability of the required sensors.  Most of the sensors used by the factory SPI system are NLA and old enough to be starting to fail.  This Holley system is likely to be using currently available sensors.

The SPI system does use a throttle position sensor and stepper motor for choke.  So the equivalent on the Holley would be needed if trying to use it as a replacement for the factory SPI system.

The Holley essentially IS an SPI Unit... the big problem with the actual mini SPI itself is the MEMS ( British ECU) has little to no bandwith for adjustments or tuning.  it runs off of MAP ( Manifold pressure) but doesnt have the means for BOOST or operating outside of its set parameters of the NA Mini car.

ClassicMiniDIY - is my bud= Cole.  - Charlotte NC
  He got his mini about 8 years ago as a Complete basket case ... He reached out as a young buck,  needing all the help.  I helped him get it sorted way back and now he's on his own journeys of Mini ownership!    Now modifications and power!

Hes well on his way here= he WAS building an engine test stand to hook this engine up = but this week we discussed the pro's and cons.. and yesterday he put the motor in the car, Is underway making all the in car connections... This thing MIGHT run next week!

Props to Cole.

In learning and watching Cole do this project it has shown tome the vibrant mini life STILL happening in the UK...    Cars are much later model but there are still alot of enthuists and providers offering excellent mods that we just simply dont see over here.  Instagram has opened my eyes to these providers... I even won a raffle for a double sprung clutch for my next build.

I met Cole thru you at the event a couple of years ago. I could see that he did not have a background in auto mechanics right away, but he had a good attitude and wanted to learn, so as you say - props to him.

I'm still disappointed by all the mistakes he makes in his vids because there are a lot of people no more experienced or even less experienced who regard this info as fact......facts that are frequently wrong.

I see he took a little umbrage at people calling him out for mistakes at the beginning of this vid....I stopped doing that as I felt it was better to contact him directly instead of publicly.

I know it takes a lot of effort to do these vids and I'm pleased that he's continued with the effort - good for him!

Interesting about the charge cooler, they guys at Mad Cars (?) in Australia did that with their supercharger installation too... although their radiator was a lot smaller - and to me I doubted that it worked as they hoped it would due to the small size. still I suppose anything is better than nothing for keeping the charge cool, but like Dan does for his Turbo RX, seems like meth injection would be far more efficient.


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