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1966 Morris Traveller Woody

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Jimini II:
Looks like the one that was on BaT a while ago and did not meet its reserve.
The wagons lately have not been doing the big numbers they were doing a year or so ago.

BTW it's Traveller, not traveler.

To answer the questions.

No, there is no back seat.  The wooden bed will fold up and a back seat could be made.

Yes, this was on BAT a while ago and did not make reserve.

I am so sorry that some find the black roof "hideous."  I would suggest that it is easy to paint the roof or wrap it in another color.  The same comments apply to those who feel the wheels are also "hideous."

As far as normal maintenance items being listed, that is a method to show the maintenance of the car has been kept up.  Again, my abject apologies if some are offended.

No reason to apologize, everyone has their own tastes.....the car is still a nice little wagon. I wonder if you can find a back seat for it? I see requests for them on TMF all the time too.

This car is back on the market, this time with a solid green roof and the fender mirrors removed (although still available).  Price is $15,500.  It will go on BAT early next week.  Pictures may be seen at


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