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1966 Morris Traveller Woody

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1966 Morris Traveller Woody for sale in Tennessee.

This 1966 Morris Minor Traveller (VIN MAW4842700)  was imported to Canada as a right-hand-drive model and underwent conversion to left-hand-drive configuration.  It passed through several hands until being purchased by fatto gatto racing in April of 2017.  Originally fitted with an 850cc engine and "magic wand" gearbox, a 1275cc engine (the engine was built by Dean Snepenger of Littleton, Colorado)   
and remote shift gearbox were installed by a previous owner.  Over the last three years it has undergone the major renovations and improvements listed here.

New floors installed - full factory floors were welded in with repairs to all wheel wells where needed.  Floors primered and painted inside, undercoated outside.
Fuel tank was boiled and sealed
New rear shock absorbers
New front shock absorbers
New front bumper
New front brake calipers
New brake master cylinder
New clutch master cylinder
New stainless steel master cylinder lines (brake and clutch)
New engine stabilizers (left and right)
New carpet
New headliner
New shift boot
New parking brake boot
New horn
New seat belts
New fuel filter
New rear door seals
New main door seals
New rear door hinges
New oil pressure light switch
New thermostat
New spark plugs
New points and condenser
New clutch assembly and throw-out bearing
New rear wheel cylinders
New fuel float/sender
New front parking lights
New turn-signal mechanism
New left and right door stays
Master kill switch installed
Pedal box replaced
Rebuilt wiper motor
Yokohama A008 tires with approximately 500 miles
Refinished Cosmic mag wheels
​New exterior wood
Rokee dash
top painted matching green
wing mirrors removed (but available for remounting)

Price - FOB Moscow, TN (35 miles east of Memphis) - $15,500

Pictures may be seen here.  Scroll down on home page.

email or call 901.755.6272

Does it have a back seat?

Black roof looks hideous.

Yeah, I don't care for the black roof either, but that's pretty easy to fix.

I sure liked seeing the Shadow race cars on the website tho!  77.gif

John Gervais:
Sorry, but I always get a kick out of trivial and routine service items being listed as part of a so-called 'major renovation'.


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