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Spring 2020 Texas Hill Country Gathering - CANCELLED!

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I know it is early, but I'm putting this out here now to start gauging interest.  Dave raised the question in another thread.

What would be folks interest in doing another Texas Hill Country drive session this coming spring (2020)?  Something like late March or early April?

Same general area as the last one.  Probably some of the same roads, perhaps some different ones as well.  (I will have to review the routes I passed along to Brad for that event and look at others I have in my "library".)

Provided I'm not working I'd pop down.

I guess the first question to ask is for people to look at a calendar and suggest possible dates.

My initial suggestion is to look at options in late March or early April.

Would not be available March 27 thru April 12.

When does it start getting hot down there? I'd be in for late April, early May unless it's in the 90's by then.


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