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I saw this on one of the UK sites.
I guess that Somerford started importing a few years ago.

Not sure what the relationship is between Valtain and JMSA

It looks like guessworks is also importing some items. be nice if one of the US suppliers did that.

And it seems David's website has been updated:

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Re: Parts Resources
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Just another Plus one for McMaster Carr - I was looking for a 3" long stud 5/16 -18 on one end and 5/16-24 on the other, the only place I could find it was MC, they had it in stock and I had it the next day! Shipping can be a bit spendy for one stud but it's not anything I could see needing another in the future, so I only bought the one.

I did find carb mounting kits that had four studs for more money, but with shipping they came out about twice as much.

Yeah, McMaster Carr is awesome. I got all of my door seals from them. They sent me short pieces of a bunch of different sizes so I could pick the ones I wanted.
Bolt Depot is really good for fasteners too.

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Re: Parts Resources
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There is a price difference between Somerford and Classicminisjapan. On the cv boot Somerford $51/ Classicminis $61.  for the strreing rack end parts, Somerford $125/Classicminis $157. The track rod ends Somerford $25/ Classicminis $63.  So shop around.