Author Topic: MITM VI - Back to Winter Park  (Read 1389 times)

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MITM VI - Back to Winter Park
« on: May 23, 2011, 01:55:30 PM »
 17.gif  This is not much of a classic mini meet.  However, I would like to see more there this year.  I think last year I seen a total of 5.  Come on guys, take over the Mountain, I want to see mini's,,, more mini's.

Aug 11-13 I believe. register and come out.  I want to drive your car.  :-\

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Re: MITM VI - Back to Winter Park
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2011, 02:52:24 PM »
 4.gif  This event is just around the corner.   :-\  I sure wish more mini's would attend.  We need you guys to represent, I would but me not have mini.   :-[  8.gif   23.gif

COME ON ! ! ! still time to register or don't register and come anyway.  I just want to sit behind the wheel of your mini with the motor running.  I promise I won't drive off in it.   >:D