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Wideband deal
« on: November 12, 2020, 08:05:32 AM »
I think someone was asking recently about which wideband to use.  I've got a couple aspx widebands I use in my cars.  When I first bought them they were about $120 and now go for about $145 off their website.  However here's a buyers tip.  I burnt up a couple gauges due to some self inflicted stupidity and needed to order replacements. Went on their website and placed the order. To my surprise the box not only included the gauge, but the harness and 02 bung and plug.  Looking now the website even says harness included.  All for $65. Essentially the whole kit minus the bosch 02 sensor and harness section.  Well I looked up what the 02 sensor kit cost and they run about $35 shipped off ebay.  So for $100 you can get a complete wideband kit by buying it separately. 


Bosch 02 sensor part number:  Bosch LSU4.2 (Part#17014)
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Re: Wideband deal
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That was me. Thanks for the info.

At the top of the page in large letters it says gauge only. Down in the full description it states it includes the harness.

Looks like there are a lot of “replacement” models available for the sensor.  Probably doesn’t have to be an authentic Bosch one. Just as long as it has the right plug. Correct?
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Re: Wideband deal
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Yeah just needs the correct plug.  Comparing pics of plugs online to that bosch part number it looked identical to me.

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Re: Wideband deal
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It was also me......but some time ago and I have not yet bought one so thank you from me as well!