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Battery Maintainer
« on: January 08, 2020, 05:46:01 PM »
Some people donít think theyíre needed, but I am a proponent of keeping the batteries fully charged when vehicles donít get regular use (e.g. my motorcycle and my Mini). I use a battery maintainer to do that. These maintainers ensure full cranking power when awakening the sleepy car or motorcycle and they seem to extend the working lives of the batteries themselves.

Over the past couple of years iíve had three Battery Tender Junior units just fail.   Battery Tender is the company that started this industry niche of specialized battery chargers, but their products seem to be crap now.  I found a much better alternative - about half the price Ė in the form of a Black & Decker branded battery maintainer. 

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Re: Battery Maintainer
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I just drive mine more often.....   ;D ;D ;D
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Re: Battery Maintainer
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I have a similar habit to Bruce - keeping the "toys" on a battery tender.

The main one I have had for a really long time is a Yuasa brand one.  I got it for use with a motorcycle 20 years ago.

I just picked up another Duralast branded one (from AutoZone) for where I now have two "toys" - the Marcos and the new-to-me 1991 Mini.

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Re: Battery Maintainer
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I have three (count em, 3) solar battery maintainers that I've had since I don't know when. I used a couple to keep my boat's batteries up to snuff when I lived in sunny Sandy Eggo - these are designed to simply plug into the cig lighter - which doesn't work so good on those cars where the key has to be on for the lighter to be live. I had them wired directly into the batteries and attached to my boat cover - worked a treat. I was cleaning out the basement and found them where they've been in a box for a very long time. Happy to give them away just for postage......Amazon has them for $22-36 ea.

These three are brandy new, never been used BTW.
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Re: Battery Maintainer
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Completely agree., Maintainers do work.    Back years ago ,. hey lets go for a drive and end up very letdown when the battery just isnt up.   also age.,  maintainers will keep a battery lasting longer in years ==- ive been seeing 5 regular years vs a battery that gets stressed low to high = bonking out in 3ihsh years.

 I also have the same Black and D maintainer = very good unit.  Moke

 I recently started using a basic harbor freight maintainer.. cheap enough to justify having it around = its currently keeping a 'spare' house battery up and maintained.  the delux one!  its working so far this season.

 I also have a 6 x 10 solar panel on the outside of my garage with a long cord = plugged into my pickup. as it sits = it for sure keeps it to snuff.

Same with my mother in law = had a sailboat it had a Marine grade optima.. it held a charge for a long time, but as age got it it +6 years=  we put a solar maintainer on it and lasted another 3 .   for sure 9 years was worth it on that battery.
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Re: Battery Maintainer
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This is my set up. Some of my stuff doesn't get used for a half a year or more, like the snow blower or the boat. The batteries won't last without the tender.

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Re: Battery Maintainer
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well, it got above 60 today in Maine and I hadnít turned the Mini over in about 2 months. doa battery.

Now Iím in the market for a charger / tender myself...
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