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Alignment session
« on: June 10, 2019, 06:43:10 PM »
After putting adjustable lower arms, tie bars, and rear brackets I had the car aligned today. It was a pretty cool experience. I learned tons in a 1 1/2-2 hr session. The place I went allowed me to help and explained the how's and why's of alignment (old school shop with new school Hunter table, no Nanny state insurance regs) my 12" wheeled car just fits the turntables and reflectors. It came out right where I wanted it. Front: camber 1 degree castor 3.5 degrees toe out 1/16 Rear: Toe in 1/16 camber 0 degrees. The car drives very well now. I'm now curious as to how long the settings stay in and what kind of tire wear I experience. I have an open invite to go back and have them check it. Best $90 I've spent (plus the C-note I gave the tech)

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Re: Alignment session
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Anyone who tells you that you can't align a classic Mini on a modern Hunter (even with 10's) just doesn't want to do the job! I've done many.....the car does barely fit the rack, but it does fit. Although some styles of wheels really don't work with  that style targets - I had to use bungi cords to attach them on one car I did - I think it was actually my own car!

I'm glad you got the right shop to do the job, as Bruce found out, that is 90% of the success of an alignment on our tiny little cars - the right shop and the right guy!

Once I got Don's Pup aligned correctly his tire life went from 5K to 15K miles, and the car drove SO much better.

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Re: Alignment session
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I had my Mini aligned 4 years ago in an experience much like yours - 90 minutes spent by a guy intent on getting it right. It was a tuner shop and they were thrilled to work on the Mini.  It drove great afterwards. Still does. And tire wear continues to be very even.
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Re: Alignment session
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I like how that tuner shop has the extra long ramps for getting low ground clearance cars onto their machine.

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Re: Alignment session
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Speaking of alignment, I made some brackets to "string" my Cooper S a couple of years ago.  The car has moved on to greener pastures and maybe sold once again, at a higher price than I realized.  Buy hey, more power to them.

My set up is free to the first Restoration Mini nut that will drive to FW to collect the two simple bars, which hang on the bumpers so you can run string from front to back, for the purpose of measuring everything in sight.


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Re: Alignment session
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I seen that it was for sale recently at a dealership for $57k i believe.