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How Long Before a Rebuild?
« on: February 11, 2018, 06:02:25 PM »
I drive Rosebud pretty much every day. Usually 100-250 gentle miles per month. No dumping the clutch, always bip the throttle for a downshift and often double clutch for an up shift. I change the oil & filter and adjust the valves every 3K miles.

So my question is; what kind of longevity can I expect from the drivetrain? What wears out first… clutch, synchros, rings, valves? I posted this question on my usual Mini forum and I'm not getting many responses—it's had to believe no one has an opinion on this. My build was a complete resto; virtually every nut & bolt as new including motor, trans, and everything else, really. My starting point is mile zero.
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Re: How Long Before a Rebuild?
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60-100k was the normal time for these engines to last. If you treat them right (as you're doing)  they will last.

As for what wears out first, that depends entirely on the driver....somebody that doesn't know how to treat a clutch will eat one up pretty fast. Likewise someone who abuses the shifter - slam shifting and so on, can eat up a set of synchros pretty quickly too.
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Re: How Long Before a Rebuild?
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60-100 is my understanding too.  I like to drive like a maniac at times, but that doesn't include hard shifts or clutch drops.  Simply letting the cars oil and water temp getting up to temp before driving is a fairly important factor.  I never romp on my built up rx7 till it's to temp just because it's tough on components.
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Re: How Long Before a Rebuild?
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60-100k miles is correct typically on the lower end of that but 100k is possible. my experience as to what goes first considering you drive it properly and change the oil it will probably be something head related.
If you make it to 100k they are usually pretty worn out everywhere at that point just my experience.

 The newer they got the better the engines seem to last but the gearbox quality started to suffer in the end years.

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Re: How Long Before a Rebuild?
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Thanks for the comments folks. I try to be particularly easy on the synchros. In my youth I owned a number of high-mileage VW bugs. All had plenty of miles left in them, but each one had synchro issues, particularly in 2nd gear. As a starving student I was astonished at amount of work ($$) involved just to replace 20 bucks worth of brass rings. Lesson learned.
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