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Re: Clancy's Moke Restoration
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M-Parts has had their struggles over the last year it seems to answer and ship accurately in due time.

I recently took an order from Moke

They do not have a super thrifty online purchase ability but the response time was adequate = sent a paypal invoice to me .  Processed and shipped in fair time _ delivered on time too.

They may not have ALLLLL the moke parts M parts does but they offer Nearly the same.

   I would shop both for any Moke needs.

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Re: Clancy's Moke Restoration
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All Moke body panels are made by Moke Panels - Leo Jacks. M Parts buys their panels from Leo. I have ordered from both. Frustrating waiting for MParts little old ladies to make up seat squabs but worth the wait. The squeaky wheel get oiled so CALL them to get updates. Donít waste your time on emails.
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Re: Clancy's Moke Restoration
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Thanks for that infp, I don't have an international calling plan so I messaged my brother in England and he called them for me. I got a response from them the next day....of course I still don't have my parts!  ::)
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