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Selling all the things!!!
« on: November 05, 2017, 11:37:32 PM »
----UPDATE--- Added more parts in a second post!

Hey guys. I still exist. I've been away for work reasons. what's new. I'm committed to getting Tink on the road by Spring and potentially adding another car to the stable around the same time. In order to do that, I need to sell off some spare parts I've collected. Prices are fluid and fair offers will be entertained. add shipping, and it's yours. But I'm not giving stuff away... except the stuff I'm giving away.

MKIII Heater - $125
Heater core was replaced 1 year before the car was taken off the road. It was drained and capped prior to storage. Everything works. Had to install new foam on the diverter door

Eyeball Air Vent Bezel (Pair) - $30

Dash Switch Carrier (4 hole) - $5

Magnetic Drain Plug - $5 (2 available)

3 Gauge Cluster with mounting hardware and surround- $150

Door Hinge (Upper Left Door) - $10

Chrome Ash Tray - $5

Center Rear View Mirror - $25

TIM Oil Pressure Gauge and tube - $10

WIPAC Rear Fog Light and Bracket - $10

SU Carb Elbow - Free

Dual SU's (HS2's). One of them needs parts - $100 for pair

Oil Cooler - $15

HS4 Carb - $100

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Re: Selling all the things!!!
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Throwing more parts for sale out there. Let me know if you're interested. I'm only going off other website's prices and ebay with these prices, so let me know if I'm way off. I'm trying to be way under the price of the retailers on their used parts.

As always, these are extra parts to me and I'm VERY open to making deals. I'm not offended by offers. Don't be offended if I can't go as low as you are asking. We'll work something out!

12g938 Head - $175? (I've seen them go for $250 on ebay)

Heel board with speakers - $50

Timing Chains (2 Simplex available @ $45 each - 1 Duplex available @$75)

The Duplex chain has ≈ 500 miles on it. It was on my car when I started the rebuild.

The Simplex chains are older. One was on my motor. Had no issues with it. I thought it was broken so I ordered the duplex chain, but it turned out it was just the tensioner that was broken, and the chain was perfectly fine.

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Re: Selling all the things!!!
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Oil pressure gauge still available?
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Re: Selling all the things!!!
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Make a reasonable offer, cover shipping, and it's yours

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Re: Selling all the things!!!
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Do you by any chance have a DAM5626 transmission case or complete unit? This would be one of the later 1984 onwards A+ rod change gearboxes.