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Re: Coolant Loss?
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The sandwich plate is what's between the thermostat housing (top) and the cylinder head.

We may have crossed wires, the link I provided for Victoria British was for a cap for the nub on the thermostat housing, which has the cracked one.

Those ball joints inside the rack are pretty durable, you should be able to clean them up, lube them then install the new boots, but do add the gear oil too.
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Re: Coolant Loss?
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There is a special upper radiator hose that makes that weird bend without forcing it. I have a 92 SPI, but I fixed the computer, so mine continues as an SPI (although in a pup). There are four of the thin hoses. I'm not sure if you just cap them off or what you do when converting to carbs, but two start out in the bottom/back of the manifold, one of which goes to the air filter. I remember one goes to the computer from somewhere, but at the moment don't remember from where.

Yes, a long screwdriver is very nice for the lower hose. Mini Sport's number for the upper hose is GRH247.

The best way to pressure test the water system is with a little hand pump that fits like a radiator cap, letting you pump up the pressure.