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Re: My 65 Australian MKI
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Yep, one wheel was like 2 ounces out I think he said.  Probably the cause of all of this, including the couplings.  Cause like I said earlier, I hadn't had it over 50 since I started to hear the rattle.  Let's just hope I haven't destroyed the new couplers that took 5 hours to put on. 

Speaking of, came across this on minimania today.

If you have ever tried to use old U-bolts to re-install your yoke axle couplings, either the old rubber or modern nylon with needle bearings, then you know how terribly frustrating and time consuming it can be. NEW U-bolts are THE answer! Sold individually, eight required per car.

 22.gif ensued. 
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Re: My 65 Australian MKI
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My Moke has the yoke style couplings.  I have no idea how old the rubber couplings on it are.  I planned replacing them when I install the 998 engine, so ordered a set from MiniSport - they came with new u-bolts!