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Re: My 65 Australian MKI
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The folks at 7Ent have accommodated different shipping for me in the past.  You usually have to ask as their website quotes UPS only. 

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Re: My 65 Australian MKI
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Thanks Dave and I got all excited cause I still have my prize certificate.  Then I found it and it expired Dec 31st. 

The reason NOT to order from 7ent.  22.95 for the cable 14.50 for shipping.  SERIOUSLY it's 1 lb if that cable.

Guess I'll call and see what, if anything they can do.  Not getting my hopes up.

Seven is more than doubling the UK retail price of that choke cable (MiniSpare sells it for 7 = $9.50) AND they overcharge for shipping too?!

Companies really should wise up on crazy shipping charges.   Millions of shoppers are getting VERY used to the Amazon model with 'free' or low cost shipping combined with getting their order in 2 days or less.  That trend is spreading quickly for other online retailers and the old days of having a shipping dept as an additional profit center just can't be sustained.

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Re: My 65 Australian MKI
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I called them up and they honored the certificate.  Of course he wan't to know why that cable cause it was going to be too long for the mini.  Will be nice to have it on the toyota. 
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