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Re: 67 MK-II Moke
« Reply #375 on: March 13, 2018, 04:28:13 PM »
I am running the factory stock joined intake/exhaust manifold and a mostly stock exhaust system: stock Moke/998 main pipe with a dual tip back box.

I'll see how the pancake filters turn out.  I may opt for an adjustable engine steady to push the engine forward slightly more and go back to the K&N cone if the thin pancake filters don't do the trick.

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Re: 67 MK-II Moke
« Reply #376 on: March 14, 2018, 09:13:17 AM »
If you decide to use an adjustable engine steady you will need a flex joint in the exhaust down pipe other wise it will start blowing and usually crack around the flange area. With the adjustable stabilizer it may look weird where the radiator meets the cowl. The thinner pancake filters restrict the flow moreso than the one you have.
Another option would be to move the engine mounting points forward as they did on the 90's 1275 HIF carbed Mini's.

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Re: 67 MK-II Moke
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Just another suggestion...

Loose the cork gasket from the filter base to the Carb.
  ( you could cut a basic Paper thinner gasket if you ReALLY want one in there)

This will also require modification of the filter base == That big screw that's touching the Dashpot TTOP cover  will need to go.
 I previously have welded the filter stud on the inside of the fiilter base   and then remove the screw.

This will gain you a few mm.

 Longer engine steady = perhaps just a little bit. =  but like mentioned will angle engine more + shifter hole will be affected along with the  angle of exhaust + others if its cranked out too much.( axle angles too)

In the end = fresh bushings all way around the top of the motor barely moves.  you just need a Tiny Bit of clearance to keep what you have.
Can you route the offending  Oil Hose DOWN more  along with the other items.. 'shifting them  out of the way?

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Re: 67 MK-II Moke
« Reply #378 on: March 14, 2018, 09:40:31 AM »
It is already all new steady bushings and motor mounts.

I have a thinner filter-to-carb gasket.  The thick head for the filter stud was the concern.  I can look to see if I have or can find something smaller.

Rerouting the lines for the oil pressure and water temp gauges is not an option at this point.  I would have to undo too much to back them out of that passage hole and through the same hole as the main wiring harness (which does not have much spare space for extra lines).

The thinner pancake filters are scheduled to arrive Thursday.  I'll see what I can sort in the meantime.


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Re: 67 MK-II Moke
« Reply #379 on: March 14, 2018, 04:31:42 PM »
Thanks for the suggestion on changing out the center shaft arrangement of the K&N filter and going to a paper-thin gasket between the filter and carb.  A trip to the hardware store got a 10-32x2" pan-head machine screw and nuts and it worked nicely.  It is still tight, but I have a couple mm clearance now, so it is not touching the lines or grommet.

I will keep the thin pancake filters as "backup" arrangements if there proves to be a problem later.

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Re: 67 MK-II Moke
« Reply #380 on: March 14, 2018, 08:19:21 PM »
It is looking more and more like I will make my self-imposed deadline of having the Moke on the road by the end of March.

As posted earlier, your collective suggestions on the air filter arrangement will let me use the K&N cone filter.

Other progress today included installing the main pipe of the exhaust from the manifold to just behind the front seats.  I also hung the rear muffler to determine the length of connecting pipe needed.  I also got my DIY pressure bleeder working and filled/bled both hydraulic systems.  I will be letting them settle overnight and then bleeding them again.  I did have one slight leak in the whole system - I did not have the banjo bolt for the break light switch at the right front wheel as tight as it should be and it leaked.  Tightened it further and no more leak.

The battery has been on the charger and this evening switched to fully charged.  In the next day or two, I will hook it up and do a check of the the electrical systems and crank it for an oil pressure check as well.  Then it will be finish the fuel connections, align it and it should be done.

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Re: 67 MK-II Moke
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Great progress!  Question about your seats: so do you have the seat cushions ready to go too?    Or are you still sorting those things out?
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Re: 67 MK-II Moke
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I have the seat cushions ready - need a bit of cleaning from being stored on a garage shelf while doing the rest of the work.

I'm using the same seat cushions that came with it.  They were newly made shortly before I got the Moke and are black with white piping.

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Re: 67 MK-II Moke
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Very minor, but important progress: primed the oil pump last night and again late this afternoon.  I now have oil pressure!  It reaches 62psi cold from just cranking on the starter.

I tried wrestling with putting the windshield and new seals into the frame - no success.  At least nothing got broken except my ambition.

Yesterday, I got the exhaust finished and almost all of the electrical systems checked.  I had to troubleshoot a couple of items: a) one rear tail light socket operates backward based on the wire colors - swapped them at the bullet connectors for that light connecting to the harness; b) one front turn/park light needed some work - needed a better ground by removing some of the paint under one of the mounting screws, needed the pig-tail wiring replaced as it had failed splices hidden in it.

I still need to test the fuel pump and make sure the hydraulic brake light switch is working.  The brake lights themselves work - tested by touching the lines that go to the switch together.  Headlights and turn signals also work fine.  Even the wiper motor works as before - single speed with park.