Door bottom repair

Door repair can be done one of two ways, reskin the entire door, or focus on the lower part thats more than likely all thats rotten.  Reskinning an entire door can be painful to do.  In this case we found a rotten lower inner door panel and the standard door skin bubbling associated with rust from the inside out.

Pay no attention to the rear repair panels.  Shown here are the 1/3rd skin and inner lower repair panels.  Also in view is a needle scaler.  I use to do the "screw driver" method of finding rot.  Now I hit the area with the needle scaler and plow through weak metal like no ones business.

Overlay the skin draw a line and cut out the old.

Cut out the section for the inner rear lower repair panel also and clamp it in place.

Next take your time carefully inspecting and trimming as necessary to ensure the door skin fits on both ends flush as well as the underside snug against the lower repair panel edge.  If the skin is too long the gaps on the bottom of the door to the door frame will be off.  Takes a few times going back and forth trimming/shaving metal till its perfect.  On this project I had to shave a little off the left end of the inner lower repair panel to slide the skin to the right ever so slightly.  I also had to shave the top of the skin to move it upward a hair, as the line I cut wasn't quite enough. 


After the lower repair panel has been welded up, set the skin back on and slowly weld it on.  Use a straight edge to ensure the skins are level with one another and place a few tack welds across the front.  I use a wet towel to cool the metal and go back and forth with spot welds as I finish the welding.  Going too fast and not keeping the metal cool will result in bad warpage.  Fold and crimp your lip over the edge and thats it!