Seatback Cooler

Homemade seatback cooler

Parts needed:
Cooler,  I used a Coleman 16 qt. with wheels and handle so it is easier to move.

Bilge pump, 12vdc,  mine came from Harbor Freight. Easy to find for on the road replacement if needed.

Foam for seatback pad, 1 inch thick total. I used a ½” thick camping sleeping pad from Walmart

½” ID flexable hose, 20 feet max.

Brass fitting to mate hose to pump.

Power plug, heavy duty type with replaceable fuse in end.

The discharge end on the pump will need to be enlarged for the brass hose fitting to be inserted. I used a Dremel tool to enlarge it. Then your glue of choice to attach the hose fitting into discharge outlet, I used JB Weld.

Glue up two layers of the foam pad the size needed to fit your seat.

I used a ½’ round end router bit set to ½’ deep to make the groove in the foam pad. Use marker to draw guide lines on foam pad. You want the hose above the surface of pad for good contact. I used hot glue the first time but it does not stick well to the hose.

Drill holes in side of cooler for two water lines and one power wire.  I tried silicone to seal holes but  the cooler plastic is too smooth so it did not stick. I have not had any leaking problems yet as I only fill cooler to 4-5” from the top.  Run output hose from pump to top of seat pad. Also tie the return hose pointed down into cooler (it can twist up and empty cooler thru gap in lid if it moves). Pump is loose inside cooler, easier replacement if not mounted.

Tie hoses together . They will sweat when the humidity level is high, you can make a cover or just put down a towel under them.
My wife took an old t-shirt, cut the arms off and sewed the arm and neck openings closed to make a cover for the pad.
If you ever need to replace the pump, just remove the bottom of the pump with the discharge outlet. It is held on by a few screws.
I put the cooler in front of the passenger seat on the floor, the handle is up enough to hit the lower dash rail to keep it from moving about. My car is RHD so the hoses come out facing the driver seat.
Put enough water in to cover the pump plus another 1”. Then add ice. You need water, so when adding more ice DO NOT drain ALL the water.
To use just plug into power port.
I have found for me it has been best to start using it when I just start to feel warm and then keep it on all the time after that while driving. Easier to stay cool than get cool. 

I will be glad to help or answer any questions.

Brad, “Willie_B”