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Great event and nice to meet all the new faces even though it was a bit cold in the mornings in a Moke (just add layers LOL).
Thanks to those who posted the videos and pics.
Maintenance and Modifications / Re: Brake bleeding issues
« Last post by Jimini II on April 23, 2018, 01:57:07 PM »
Bleed the whole system again from every connection front to rear starting at the master cylinder preferably with the Moke as high as you can get it in the rear. I had this same issue with my old Moke and it was air in the system. In case you don't know bleed the rears slowly otherwise the valve will block the flow.
I have used the Mintex rears with no issues.
Maintenance and Modifications / Re: 67 MK-II Moke
« Last post by Jimini II on April 23, 2018, 01:49:17 PM »
An old trick i was taught when working at SU in the 70's was to push the needle farther into the piston thus making the car run richer through the range, works great and lets you decide if you need a needle change. Also pull the choke out slightly when driving through the gears this will verify if you do need a richer needle.
Not sure which filter you are using but if you changed it from the factory one it will need a richer needle.
Here Here!!
MiniDave, I didn't realize you were chronicling through the days.  Very cool!
It was a pleasure to put a face to your name and be able to thank you in person for all your comments and help on this forum.  For those that aren't aware, MiniDave is a swell fella.  I knew so the minute I heard him tell a fellow mini owner (and total stranger to him) he would skip one of the best twisties to stay with him and show him how to replace wheel bearings (the fella didn't know how).  Thankfully, the guy only had loose lugs and a good tighten and all could make the trip.

Funny to hear you say you bailed on the last afternoon.  I was looking for you and wondered where you went - and yes, everyone was aggravated when the leader kept turning us around.  I was getting very annoyed trying to follow that mess with no brakes.

Overall, a lot of fun, and more great memories to pack away.
Looking up parts on my lunch break helped me to determine real quick that I will need to remove all the items before I place my part order.  There are simply too many parts that I don't know the names of nor do I realize I will need.  Then too, there are multiple P/Ns for the same item (i.e. timing cover).  This may not be a normal problem, but since I'm not even sure of the year of my Mini, I cannot be sure which part to order.  While at it, I'm going to replace the belts and possibly all components on that side of the engine (backing plate, cover, fan w/ all components).  Depending on the shape of the radiator, I may replace it too..  dang it all, the first repair is growing   
Restorations / Re: Vikram's 1960
« Last post by Vikram on April 23, 2018, 12:12:12 PM »
In addition to posting on this forum, I posted on TMF.

Turns out it is just one float chamber and that the angle should not be an issue. I might have to adjust the floats overall to ensure that the needle is closing.

I was also advised to run with the top inspection cover off to see if the pump jets are working? Is this safe/good advice?

Lastly, they suggested that my timing was way off and to use a bulb over the ignition coil to set this. Anyone how I would go about doing this?
Ah.... that makes sense, thank you Mplayle,   Iím going now to look for all the items I now believe ineed
Maintenance and Modifications / Re: First Mini Repair - Kindíve excited about it
« Last post by MPlayle on April 23, 2018, 11:45:52 AM »
The crank seal is different from the cover seal(s).  It is a ring-seal in the cover where the end of the crank for the pulley come through the cover.

The other thing to be careful of: the bolts that hold the cover to the back plate are two different lengths.  If you get one of the longer ones in the spot you circled in your picture, it can push the back plate out from the block a tiny bit which is just enough to cause a leak.

Thanks Jedduh,   Iím not up to speed with terminology, what exactly is the front crank seal ? Would this be a seal for what I called the backing plate (plate between cover and engine block)?  I do appreciate the tips, thank you.   
Maintenance and Modifications / Re: First Mini Repair - Kindíve excited about it
« Last post by jedduh01 on April 23, 2018, 10:52:04 AM »
Nice repair order you have planned.

 Timing cover gasket + front crank seal are the two main replacement parts needed.
   Good gasket maker /sealer too =  I use Ultra Black, by Permatex

Upon re assembly = make sure the cover bolt holes are all flat ( over time and over torque will distort the holes around the cover.)

When re assembling =   Install the Cover + Gasket  + crank seal  AND the crank pulley in place all together before bolting anything down tight
    The Cover needs to Center up on the crank pulley to prevent the seal to be off center and let it leak.

 Install all bolts before tightening anything down.  =  Once everything is started = i use a 'cross pattern' to tighten down. Gorilla tight is not required Just snug.

I also let it sit 24 hours before running to let the sealer dry + setup.


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